Redux, no more. A simple way to use it with rematch for redux

Sebastian Velez Zuluaga
1 min readDec 28, 2020

In this post i want to describe the simple way to use redux with a súper simple framework rematch

You Wont fight never with a complicated setup with rematch, you just need a config, store and model, in this file you can create the whole logic and initial state for your app

It Is simple, look at the git page :

Check the examples :

With this framework it is better to use hooks, the future of react.

Let me show you in few steps how,you can set up your store.

Note: A model contains the state (initial state), the reducer (method to update the model state), and the effect (the methods that you can use to apply logic, and call the reducer to change the state for this model.

  1. Install packages and plugins
  2. Create store file .
  3. Create a config file.
  4. Create a model
  5. Import the store in your app.

I would like to thank Mateo Renteria ( to teach me and show me this tool .