Productivity. How to start ?

Google make a functionality that help me to start with my productivity.

During whole day, I have a lot remotes meets or in a place, I cant find the way to be focus on muy job, Just attenidng this meets.

So I was looking few days for a tool, but google calendar has to the way to help me to order the meets and create a focus time to do my job. This is an example to setup.

I use this link and follow the steps to do it.

  1. Sing in on google calendar.
  2. Create an appointment schedule.

3. Set the duration for a meets.

4. Set the day and hours that you want to attend it.

5. Set the fields that you want for the reservation forms. (maybe you need some information about the schedure)

6. Add Name to the appoint schedule.

7. Check your calendar. Edit the appointment if you need it.

8. Share the link with the people

It is done, very easy and helpful



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