Nginx — Ubunto 20 -AWS EC2- Lest Encryp — Cerbot — Certificate.

Hello Folks.

In this topic I will learnt to install certificate to one site.

Previos Steps:
* Create Account AWS.
* Create EC2 Instance — with ubuntu 20.
* Install Nginx.
* Set up your web server.
* Create the domains, I was using godaddy.

Lets do it.

Some refernces:

  1. Be sure that whole sites that you need are online certbot need it.
  2. Follow the step from the certbot page.
  3. Importar remember add the 443 port on your security group.

Note: remember use the firewall — uwf allow <port>

Note 2: first setup the firewall, after the nginx file.

The server script will be :

Happy Encrypt !