Clean Architecture Pattern

Sebastian Velez Zuluaga
1 min readNov 9, 2022

The hard topic for those days. I was studing, reading documentation and the book of Robert C. Matin, Uncle bob. But is the hard thing to understand.

So will try to show how I will use this pattern like a concept in this example a e-commerce.

First we need to see this picture.

The color and labels explained in the way of the example.

Entitie (yellow) = models and bussines rules. Dont move the core of the e-commer. Maybe a User entity, or Product.

User Cases (red) = CRUD, commands and querys to entities interaction for out side with the entities. Create product, Create user, Select all productos by categorie.

Controller (green) = Apdapter or middleware to conver any request from out side on structures that your uses cases understarnd. Request with a key productID and your use cases understand idProduct you can change it here.

UI (Blue) = Front, web, app, presentation layer. Recive and send information to ther controller (adapter layer).

Some videos to understand a litte bit better this patter.

I like this way to implemente and apply this topic.

More that Hexagonal patter and DDD.

Try to enjoy it.