AnyDesk, remote debug on visual studio and webApp on IIS

Sebastian Velez Zuluaga
3 min readJun 15, 2021


The focus of this topic is explain the step by step to debug any web app on IIS (internet information services)using, visual studio and anydesk.

  1. Install anydesk.
  2. Install visual studio community.
  3. Install on remote computer (this PC or server contains the publish file to run the app) extension.
  4. Connect to remote PC or Server.

5. Create and configure the tunnel (Port 4024).

6. On remote PC or server, execute the remote tool like admin.

7. Verify the port is ready.

8. Setup the connection.

9. Check the output and the setup is ready.

10. On your develop PC, execute VisualStido and build the source code in debug mode.

11. Copy the DLL that you need to debug on the remote PC or Server, maybe the location por IIS is C://input/wroot/

12. Visual go to menu, debug

13. Setup the connection with the remote port. (connection target localhost)

14. When the connection is done, check the output in the PC or Server.

15. Go to Visual Studio and search the process, fro IIS is w3wp.exe if you using other type of project find the .exe.

16 Attach the process.