I was using Flask few months ago, but when I discover FASTAPI my life change

The official documentation :


To create a very easy and quick API on Python.

Select your python version, interpreter, and packge isntall pip or pip3

  1. Create folder
  2. Create git init
  3. Create via pip3 virtual environment :


# Python 3
$ python3 -m venv env

4. Install FastAPI lib and uviocorn

check that whole packe are installed on env/lib/bin

And run the code.

That’s all folks!

The focus of this topic is explain the step by step to debug any web app on IIS (internet information services)using, visual studio and anydesk.

  1. Install anydesk.
  2. Install visual studio community.
  3. Install on remote computer (this PC or server contains the publish file to run the app) extension.

In this article I would like to resume the steps that this link provide:


  1. Install VisualCode.
  2. Install Remote ssh extension por VisuaCode
  3. You will need to install remote server on Ubuntu from this link you can choose the version and your architecture.


Run all command with the root…

  1. Install in your PC

Take care with the command in my mac I am usign pip3 and python3

pip3 install flask
pip3 install nltk
pip3 install pandas
pip3 install scikit-learn

To close port : Identify port and kill it

lsof -i :5000
kill 38223

Go to repo and download the…

I will try to deploy a decision tree classifier model in my local machine and use predict via postman, the original post is :

  1. Install joblib

pip install joblib

this import joblib create a new file (model) you can read and make prediction.

The sample if for classifier the flower with load_iris dataset from sklearn


Sebastian Velez Zuluaga

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